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Our History

We are a family-run business that was founded in 1979 in Alcúdia:

Since the very beginning, our entrepreneurial spirit has led us to set up several shops in Alcúdia and Port d’Alcúdia to help you find what you’re looking for: food products, clothing and accessories, decorative objects or gifts, wines and liquors, products for smokers…

We have grown thanks to a great team of professionals that serve you with a smile day after day, and our motivation to keep working hard is all thanks to you and the trust you place in us.

Colber Superstore

Freshly made bread and pastries, wines and spirits from all over Spain and the rest of the world, fresh fruit and vegetables, all kinds of food… At Colber Superstore you will find everything you need to enjoy your holidays in Alcúdia!


At Colber, we have what you need! Search for our store in Alcúdia that is most conveniently located and find everything that you’re looking for.

We have several locations in Alcúdia where you’ll find everything from women’s clothing to products for smokers, as well as decorative objects and furniture. We also have gaming machines and holiday rental homes in Alcúdia.

Rent gaming machines in Mallorca.

Diver 12 Games

Find everything you need for you and your home: at TRESS, we have a wide variety of stylish items to decorate your home with.

Fetiche Moda

Your women’s clothing store: find women’s clothes from top brands and create an elegant look by wearing any of our dresses, jackets, trousers, blouses and accessories.

Premium Houses Mallorca

Rent gaming machines in Mallorca.

Diver 12 Games

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